Events and Publications

The project is evolving rapidly. This section highlights the downloadable documents and the upcoming events.

April 2005: SCULPTEUR paper, demo and stand at Museum and the Web, April 13-16, 2005, Vancouver (Canada). Click here to learn more..

March 2005: A web-based demonstrator for navigating, searching and retrieving 2D images, 3D models and textual metadata from the Victoria and Albert Museum. The demonstrator combines traditional metadata based searching with 2D and 3D content based searching, and also includes a graphical ontology browser so that users unfamiliar to the museum collection can visualise, understand and explore this rich cultural heritage information space. Go to the demonstrator...

September 12th 2004: SCULPTEUR tutorial at ECDL2004, Bath, UK SCULPTEUR organized one-day tutorial "New Methods for Digitising, Searching, and Accessing Cultural Heritage Collections". If you want to download the programme and presentations please follow the link...

April 1st 2004: SCULPTEUR project presented at EVA Florence 2004, Session 2 - EC Projects. Download the abstract here..

January 2004: Public presentation of SCULPTEUR at Musée Thomas Henry. Please download the agenda and the project overview presentation.

January 2004: the public deliverable "Semantics network of concepts and their relationships integrated with metadata" available for download here.

October 2003: The SCULPTEUR project presented as a case study in the Digi-CULT Thematic Issue 4 "Learning Objects from Cultural and Scientific Heritage Resources". Follow the link to learn more...

October 2003: If you would like to know what an ontology is, and what benefits the use of an ontology provides, specifically about an ontology for cultural heritage information, download the second issue of the SIG Newsletter.

April 2003: Several 3D models have been reconstructed. Have a look at some samples here!

February 2003: SCULPTEUR Annual Progress Report, an overview on what we have done during 2002. Download the PDF file!

January 2003: The SCULPTEUR brochure is now in PDF format (high quality!). If you like, you can download it.

November 2002: The first issue of the SIG Newsletter is officially published. It introduces the SCULPTEUR project, some user  requirements and how SCULPTEUR is preparing for the Semantic Web. Download it!

October 2002: From the ARTISTE project to SCULPTEUR. Download the eCulture Newsletter where the ARTISTE's follow-up project, SCULPTEUR, is presented.

September 2002: SCULPTEUR has been considered worthy of publicising by European Commission during the FP6 Launch Event (Brussels 11-13 November 2002)! ( For the event we prepared a project fact sheet. Download it!