Project Approach

In SCULPTEUR existing 3D object representations within the museums have been collected and augmented with new 3D objects created using innovative techniques such as multi-stereo and silhouette techniques. Created new 3D objects are stored in a object relational database together with multimedia objects which enrich the information associated to the cultural objects.

3D objects are retrieved from the database thanks to 3D object retrieval algorithms developed during the SCULPTEUR project exploiting the features extracted from the 2D image sequences and the geometry and the texture of the 3D models.
Within the project, a semantic layer (ontology) and associated tools have been also implemented. Multimedia objects and objects derived from them will be associated with concepts in this semantic layer. Innovative tools for enhancing browsing, retrieval and navigation through the use of integrated content and concept based queries. We have developed a prototype software, generally referred to as the "Concept Browser" within the project, that allows users to access the information from the museum partners collaborating in the project structured through a common ontology, the CIDOC CRM.
In addition, classifier agents that can be trained to make automatic classifications of objects into concepts classes when sufficient training data is available will be also developed.