Quick reference

Starting from the Virtual Scene object, drag and drop the objects in the central frame (note: they are VRML models: they can take a while to be uploaded. Please be patient)

Use the Scale sliding bar to zoom in / zoom out the object

Use the Translation buttons to move the object

Use Rotation Sensor to rotate the object

Use the ViewPoints tab to add/remore viewpoints (right click on the virtual scene to see the defined viewpoints)

Drag & drop the resources over the objects to create a link between the object and resource (the linked resource can't be opened in the demo version)


Click here to download the User Guide.

An enriched version able to create immersive digital environments also with adaptive and rule based navigation through different rooms and environments (as supported by the ADL SCORM specification) has been integrated with the Learn eXact LCMS by Giunti Interactive Labs. For futher details please contact Fabrizio Giorgini.