In the framework of the SCULPTEUR project Giunti Interactive Labs has developed an application that assists curators, instructional designers and educators to build 3D Virtual Learning Objects. These Learning Objects include virtual museums and galleries which offer an interactive learning experience following e-learning standards like IEEE LOM, IMS Content Package and ADL SCORM.

See the VIDEO or download it from here!

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Install the application (it requires 2 minutes to install the needed libraries) - for Microsoft Windows ONLY

PLAY ON LINE (application and VRML plugin already installed)

Below a sample of a 3-D virtual museum(*) created with the developed application (the virtual space contains some 3-D models so it could take a while to be loaded. Please be patient...)

If you don't see the VRML you need to install the VRML plugin!

An enriched version able to create immersive digital environments also with adaptive and rule based navigation through different rooms and environments (as supported by the ADL SCORM specification) has been integrated with the Learn eXact LCMS by Giunti Interactive Labs. For futher details please contact Fabrizio Giorgini.

(*) The 3D reconstruction of the VAM Art DecÚ Gallery has been gently provided by the ARCO project Consortium. 3D models have been reconstructed in SCULPTEUR.