SCULPTEUR tutorial "New Methods for Digitising, Searching, and Accessing Cultural Heritage Collections"

ECDL2004, September 12th 2004, Bath, UK


Time Title Speaker
M.Addis, IT Innovation
Creating and using digital content in museums and galleries


J.Padfield, NGL

K.Martinez, IAM
Demonstration of 3D model making
J.Stevenson, VAM
Coffee break and hands-on
11:00 Methods for search and retrieval of large multimedia collections M.Addis, IT Innovation
11:20 SCULPTEUR demonstration M.Addis, IT Innovation
11:40 Delivering high resolution images and models over the web M.Cappellini, Centrica
12:00 Accessing and using multimedia content in eLearning F.Giorgini, Giunti Interactive Labs
12:20 Organisation of hands-on over lunch  
12:30 Lunch Break  
2:00 Benefits and techniques for using ontologies to structure museum information P.Siclair, IAM
2:40 Demonstration of concept-based navigation P.Siclair, IAM
2:50 Practical experiences with ontology mapping and navigation J.Stevenson, VAM
3:10 Interoperability and remote access IT Innovation
3:30 Afternoon break and hands on  
4:00 Content-based search and retrieval K.Martinez, IAM
4:20 Discussion session
K.Martinez, IAM
4:50 Conclusions and wrap-up
5:00 Close