SCULPTEUR (Semantic and content-based multimedia exploitation for European benefit) is a three-year European project that started in May 2002. Its global investment amounts to 3 MEuros and is co-funded by the Commission of the European Community within the Fifth Framework of the Information Society Technologies programme. SCULPTUER involves ten partners from 3 European Countries, in a multidisciplinary partnership with participants from industrial, academic, research and cultural sectors.

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Created 3D models (samples)

Virtual Museum

A web-based demonstrator for navigating, searching and retrieving 2D images, 3D models and textual metadata from the Victoria and Albert Museum. The demonstrator combines traditional metadata based searching with 2D and 3D content based searching, and also includes a graphical ontology browser so that users unfamiliar to the museum collection can visualise, understand and explore this rich cultural heritage information space. Go to the demonstrator...

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